MotionGranted.us is a membership organization of professionals
which fall within three broader Deb Gomescategories

  • Legal services
  • Financial Services
  • Private investigation
  • Bookkeeping

Charles Lybarger

Charles Lybarger, Esq.

Director of Legal Operations

A Las Vegas attorney for over 20 years
Asset protection specialist and experienced
litigator with the connections only a lifetime
in Las Vegas can bring.

Rich Small, Esq.Richard Small, Esq.

A native of Las Vegas
and an attorney for decades,
Rich is an experienced
litigator and legal strategist.
Chris Stead, Esq.
Chris Stead, Esq.
A native of Las Vegas
Licensed Nevada Real Estate Broker,
Licensed Nevada Insurance Broker,
Licensed Investment Advisor Representative*
Licensed Attorney in Nevada and Alaska
Collette Putnam
First female Licensed Private Investigator
in the State of Nevada
Nearly 20 years in Las Vegas
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