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Free Advertising for Notaries Worldwide

Facebook advertisement run by MotionGranted.usThe Legal Attaché of the Consular Chamber of Commerce has begun running advertisements to attract customers to notaries which follow

Notaries public wishing to take advantage of the advertising need only follow on Twitter, and Twitter search “#notarize” from time to time to look for client requests in areas served by the notary.

The Legal Attaché of the Consular Chamber of Commerce has launched “#notarize”, providing free mobile notary referrals via twitter, anywhere in the world.

The system is simple.  Notaries public in any country need only to follow  Potential customers who are seeking a local notary or mobile notary in their area can simply tweet “#notarize” and their telephone country code and area code.  Participating notaries simply search “#notarize” at in order to find requests for notarizations in their area.

Follow Notarize on Twitter

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Ticket in Vegas?

DUI and Traffic Tickets Fixed in Las VegasTraffic tickets can bite you when least expected on a trip to Las Vegas. 

With over 80,000 visiting cars each week, more visitors are ticketed in Las Vegas than in most countries, and usually during a short stay which allows no time to remedy the situation.

The Legal Attaché of the Consular Chamber of Commerce is able to represent visitors regarding traffic tickets and DUI charges, almost always without your having to appear in court. 

We come to you, or you can upload your ticket information online, right here.

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Free Traffic Ticket Resolution for Honorary Consuls

Vienna Conventions on Consular RelationsConsular license plates often avert minor infractions by traffic patrols.  This is due to the fact that tickets written to honorary consuls are routed to the State Department, which refers the ticket back to the diplomatic mission of the country the consul represents.  Diplomatic immunity can then be cited to absolve the consul of any infraction.  The ticket typically does not produce revenue, which some say may cause it to be less likely to be written to begin with.

Honorary consuls will seldom take advantage of this benefit, as they would typically rather not cause their embassies, ministries of foreign relations or consuls general to have to deal with such minor issues.  Also, the protection only exists when the honorary consul is driving a car with consular license plates.

The Legal Attaché of the Consular Chamber of Commerce is therefore introducing free traffic ticket resolution services for confirmed member Honorary Consuls who reside in, or are visiting Las Vegas.  Consuls may join the Consular Chamber of Commerce and confirm their consular status free of charge at  Legal Attaché attorneys in Las Vegas will negotiate traffic tickets for Consul Members upon request by online interface at

The Consular Chamber of Commerce intends to extend the practice in other cities throughout the US, following the Las Vegas test trial of the program.

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Traffic Tickets Fixed Free for Hospitality Industry

Las Vegas hospitality industry professionals may have traffic tickets resolved by an attorney, free of charge.

Traffic Tickets Resolved for Hospitality Industry Free of, the Legal Attaché of the Consular Chamber of Commerce, is offering one free ticket resolution for individuals employed in the hotel and casino industries in Las Vegas.  Those taking advantage of the offer may be required to join the Consular Chamber of Commerce if they are not already members.  Memberships are available from $59 per year.

Typically, resolved tickets provide for:

  • No moving violation record
  • No insurance rate increase
  • No traffic school
  • No demerit points on driving record
  • No court appearance

Casino hosts, hotel management and concierge professionals are especially encouraged to take advantage of this service. 

Those wishing to take advantage of the offer can request assistance with their traffic tickets at our ONLINE TICKET HELP CENTER

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Las Vegas Business Press:

Consular Chamber of Commerce launches legal attaché office

Entity helps discreet diplomats in trouble during trips


The Consular Chamber of Commerce is inviting attorneys globally to enroll as candidates for its Office of the Legal Attaché.  Having established the initial Legal Attaché in the heavily visited city of Las Vegas, the Chamber now seeks to replicate the Office, particularly in other destination cities around the world.

Interested legal practitioners are especially encouraged to enroll in destination cities of the developing world.  Liaisons of the Office of the Legal Attaché, working within the hospitality industry, then refer visitors seeking legal assistance or document legalization to the Confirmed Attaché.  The Legal Attaché also involves the appropriate consulate when necessary.

Legal Attachés are attorneys chosen from the membership ranks of the Consular Chamber of Commerce.  Interested attorneys and law firms may submit their candidacy online.


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First Consular Chamber of Commerce Legal Attaché Opens in Las Vegas

The Consular Chamber of Commerce has established a prototype Office of Legal Attaché in the most visited city in the world.

The Legal Attaché is a coordinated effort of Consulates and local attorneys, designed to better fulfill the most common legal needs of visitors, in particular foreign guests, of a destination city.  The Attaché specializes in legal work which typifies the requests of those involved in consular work or in-person international business transactions.

The Chamber intends to test the effectiveness and refine the mission of this initial Legal Attaché in the run up to establishing others in destination cities, both inside and out of the US.

Multinational document legalization services are provided on-site at Major Las Vegas hotels by liaisons of the Legal Attaché.  Investor visa applications common to the foreign investment arena, such as the EB-5, will also be fast tracked through the Legal Attaché.

Hotel, convention and casino executives also refer VIP visitors to the Legal Attaché when legal entanglements emerge during visits.  Traffic citations, DUI,  and other infractions or allegations are engaged with an eye toward discretion.

The Legal Attaché is an attorney elected annually by the Board of Directors of the Consular Chamber of Commerce.  The Attaché becomes the point of contact for visitors referred, so as to protect privacy with attorney-client privilge.  

Liaisons of the Legal Attaché may also act as emissaries of consulates, under direct employment of a consulate.  This practice may qualify documents in posession of the liaison as consulate property, exempt from search and seizure under the Vienna Conventions on Consular Relations of 1961.

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