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Short Sale Blowback: Lenders ready to attack

Thought you got rid of that mortgage deficiency when you short sold, or walked away from that property?

Think again.

Most short sales and walk-aways allow for the mortgage lender to retain the ability to go after you for six years after they take a deficiency loss.  Deficiency is the difference between what you owed on the property, and the amount the lender received for it.  In may cases, bankruptcy won’t save you because mortgage deficiency was specifically addressed by the finance industry in the last round of changes to the law.  In some cases, even your IRA or 401(k) is exposed if the lender comes back around.

The common response to this is that the lenders can’t afford the political risk to being so aggressive, especially after taking bailout money.  They won’t.  They’ll sell the debt you owe instead.

CNN Money: Vanessa Corey thought her mortgage deficiency had been negotiated away. Then she got sued.

Junk debt buyers (aka JDB’s, Zombie Debt Buyers, Bad Debt Buyers) are buying up the deficiencies from the original debt holders, for pennies on the dollar.  They then obtain deficiency judgements and attack you to collect.

Junk Debt Buyers have the same right to collect the debt that the original lender did, with none of the political risk.  The JDB didn’t take bailout funds, and may not owe any favors to politicians or regulators.  They are in and out for the kill, and they don’t take prisoners.

Protect yourself in advance

If you are preparing to sell or walk away from a property leaving a deficiency, take the time to prepare.  By preparing in advance using a simple and legal trust method, you can avoid risking assets to junk debt buyers.

If you don’t have time to prepare, or have already executed such a sale, there are still steps you may want to take in order to lessen the potential for loss.  Take the time to learn about asset protection, and protect yourself from further damage.

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US-Based Customer Billing for Non-US Business Owners

Non-US residents often establish businesses based in the USA. 

This is often done for reasons of taxes, access to banking, security and reliability of services, diversification of holdings and to make a good impression on global customers.

One issue for smaller businesses of this kind is establishing merchant accounts and online billing and accounting.  At, we believe we have solved the dilemma for most circumstances.

The procedure:

  1. Incorporate in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
    • Less taxes for foreign nationals than any other state
    • Meeting place of thousands of companies all year round
    • Incorporation can be done online, immediately, at very low cost
    • No residency requirement of owners or officers
    • Local banking available by signature of principal, or nominee (attorney)
  2. Establish web-based billing services with credit card capabilities using Paypal and Google Checkout
    • No credit required
    • Secure login to billing and bookkeeping system using Freshbooks
    • Online invoicing and regular mailing of invoices from the USA
    • All major credit cards will be accepted by your firm
    • Easy integration with your existing website(s), or we can help you establish a new one

Using the system, you can bill customers anywhere in the world, from your US company, no matter where in the world you are.  It is a complete remote-control system.  Funds go to the US bank account of your Nevada corporation under your complete control, and can be transferred as you instruct.

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US Credit for Foreign Nationals

Non-US citizens often are frustrated by the US credit system.  The need for a social security number in order have a credit profile, and a substantial track record reflected in the profile once you have it, prevent most from obtaining any kind of ability to borrow.

The lack of a credit score also leads to higher deposits for rental property, utilities and more.  It often impedes employment opportunities and insurability. 

New solutions are evolving which allow for green card holders as well as those who have no green card to establish a credit record in the United States.  The most substantial of these is to co-sign for a CD-secured line of credit.

Key features of a well-designed, co-signed CD line:

  • No citizenship required
  • No green card required
  • No security deposit required
  • No visa required
  • No Social Security Number required
  • No credit required
  • $25,000 to $5,000,000

  Enroll Now       FAQ       Contact

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Incorporation: Nevada vs. Delaware

Ross Miller, Nevada Secretary of State

Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller

Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller began offering online incorporation services at no additional charge yesterday.  Some are describing the move as a bold technological and administrative leap forward, cutting out middle men for Nevada’s popular incorporation regime. 

Free resident agent services, recently introduced by, can also be subscribed online by clients the world over.  The result is that new companies can be formed in Nevada for a fraction of the initial costs that would have been incurred a year ago.

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Las Vegas operations continue to expand

The Legal Attaché in Las Vegas has benefited substantially from the continued donation of office space by attorney Lloyd Baker


Additional accommodations to facilitate free mobile notary services are presently in the works in downtown Las Vegas, and Baker is expecting additional consular usage of the Baker Law Building in the near future. ad running on Facebook
Facebook Advertising



Sponsored by the Legal Attaché of the Consular Chamber of Commerce, Certified International Notaries will perform mobile notary services free of charge, across the USA.

Certified International Notaries "Not your mother's notary service"Described as “not your mother’s notary service,” mobile notaries of the Legal Attaché come from diverse backgrounds and are professionally dispatched to best fill a given need.  Mobile notaries in the program already include honorary consuls, lawyers, paralegals, private investigators, anti-money laundering specialists, former loan officers with years of experience, foreign notaries, international document specialists and more. 

Notarizations performed include some which are often not performed by typical mobile notaries due to a lack of qualification or motivation, such as notarizations in jails, courthouses or hospitals.  Difficult situations such as immigration and divorce are not a barrier for the new service.  Many standard notarizations, however, will not be unusual, including mortgage signings and certified copies.

Certified International Notaries will also be contracted to execute the international ID verification service.  Although the service will be free to the customer, the notaries contracted will be paid full fees according to standard competetive fee schdules.  This service is sponsored by the Consular Chamber of Commerce Legal Attaché.

Notaries interested in becoming Certified International Notaries and the CINP designation, to be eligible for ad running on Facebook through the Legal Attaché, may obtain certification with a test consisting of 23 multiple-choice questions and 7 tasks.  The prerequisites, free study materials and registration are at

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How to get your lawfirm recommended at the scene

Attorney-sponsored 24/7 mobile notary services:  Put your associate on-scene

Sponsor a specific number of natarizations in the field, and be on scene everywhere.

  • Hospitals
  • Jails
  • Homes
  • Hotels
  • Conferences
  • Business meetings
  • Marriages
  • Divorce
  • Immigrations 
  • Contract negotiations

The Legal Attaché of the Consular Chamber of Commerce provides the option of sponsoring free, third-party mobile notary services by Certified International Notaries. 

Many of our notaries are paralegals, consuls, or experienced with certain contract types, as well as being well-versed in global document authentication.  We have the unusual capability to notarize at Jails, hospitals and other sites where most notaries do not have access.

Firms may find that assigning part of an advertising budget to free mobile notary services can draw tremendous referral business, with surgical precision – while providing real value for the public.  Clients need mobile notarization most when it is toughest to find – in hospitals, jails, hotels and private homes.  After hours, often with out-of-state or foreign ID.  These are the areas where the Certified International Notaries of the Legal Attaché are strongest.

As a sponsoring firm of the free mobile notary services offered by the Legal Attaché, you are able to dictate the number and scope of your sponsored notarizations.  You then receive the following:

  • Instant notification of notarial acts performed on your sponsorship, by text message;Certified International Notories dispatched to hospital
  • Details of each notarization performed, including situation and for whom the notarization was performed (clients agree to our release of this information to you as a condition for the free service);
  • Referral to your firm of potential clients for whom you have sponsored notarization*

Select the situations and general types of notarial acts you would like to sponsor.  Give your firm a high-profile in the field and on the scene.

 To sponsor notarizations in Las Vegas, join the legal attaché by completing the free enrollment online.  

Questions?  Call 702-948-4228.

Follow Notarize on Twitter

*Recommendations are at the discretion of our experienced document specialists.  Notaries are not employed by, and are not obligated to recommend your firm, and your firm does not have an interest in any particular notarization.  Not all notarizations are appropriate for your all firms, e.g: immigration notarizations would not typically be of interest to a firm practicing primarily in personal injury, and vice-versa.  For this reason, different firms may be sponsoring different kinds of notarizations at the same time.  You may limit the scope and number of notarizations your firm sponsors.              

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Extraordinary Mobile Document Services for an Extraodinary City mobile document services

Notarizations, apostilles, consular legalizations, attorney meetings on location in Las Vegas


The Legal Attaché of the Consular Chamber of Commerce brings unprecedented legal services to your location in Las Vegas 24/7. 

More capable that any notary service in Nevada

  • Multi-lingual
  • 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Document printing & scanning services
    • Double laser printers
    • Upgraded paper and presentation folders
    • Delivered to your location
  • Consular Vehicles (provides diplomatic immunity for certain consular services, privacy protection, greater access to parking and government facilities) 

The most diverse range of services offered 

  • All document types, nearly any location
    • Hospitals
    • Chapels
    • JailsOrder of Consular Emissaries
    • Hotels
    • Conventions
    • Restaurants
    • Private residences
  • Notarizations
  • Apostilles
  • Foreign Legalizations
  • Attestations
  • Contracts
  • Marriages
  • Wills
  • Mortgages
  • Passport & ID Verification
  • Passport & visa assistance

Competitive Pricing 

  • Many services free for consuls and ambassadors
  • Fees designed to compete with standard notaries

Greater Privacy Assurance 

  • Information
    • Protected by attorney-client privilege
    • Bound by law, oath and principal to maintain privacy
  • Documents
    • Attorney-client privilege
    • Attorney work product (privileged)
    • Diplomatic immunity (for consular work product)

24 Hour Hotline:  702 948 4228 ext. 6

or tweet “LVHelp” to @notarize

Certified International Notary SealFree certification of members to familiarize with international practices.

Expert notaries needed for national free ID verification system.

As the Consular Chamber of Commerce prepares to launch, it’s free international ID verification service, thousands of notaries public will be needed to confirm identifications. 

There are no shortage of notaries, but there is a serious shortage of those who have an understanding of international document authentication practices.  For this reason the Consular Chamber has launched the Certified International Notary Public designation. 

The test and certification are free to members of the Consular Chamber of Commerce.  Non-members need only pay the individualCertified International Notary membership dues of $59. per year in order to gain certification. 

The program was developed as a follow-up to the Consular Chamber’s groundbreaking presentation at the National Notary Association’s International Forum on Document Authentication, at which Chamber members presented the concept of the Certified Consular Notary.  The name was changed to encompass more than just consular activity.

Interested notaries can register and obtain free study materials at

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