Ticket & DUI Aid


MotionGranted.us attorneys will negotiate or litigate traffic citations issued to visiting guests, in most cases reducing them to parking violations or other non-moving traffic infractions.  This eliminates the risk of rate increases by the driver’s primary insurance carrier.  Typically, there will also be no demerit points, traffic school or court appearance.

High profile or politically exposed persons need not worry about press or embarrassment of having to appear at the local courthouse.  With MotionGranted.us, the visitor never goes to traffic court.  We do it all for you.  Private, fast and cost efficient, no bureaucracy to navigate.  All information can be uploaded directly to our secure server for a free estimate.

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  3. […] The Legal Attaché of the Consular Chamber of Commerce is therefore introducing free traffic ticket resolution services for confirmed member Honorary Consuls who reside in, or are visiting Las Vegas.  Consuls may join the Consular Chamber of Commerce and confirm their consular status free of charge at http://www.consul.cc.  Legal Attaché attorneys in Las Vegas will negotiate traffic tickets for Consul Members upon request by online interface at MotiongGranted.us. […]

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