VIP Legal

Legal services tailored for Las Vegas V.I.P. visitors.



Our first product is silence.  Unintended publicity can blow a business deal or compound the trouble of legal entanglements, however minor.  Whether you need your new contract legalized at the Hague, or you incur a speeding ticket or are cited for driving under the influence (DUI), the last thing you need is for the news to reach competitors, shareholders, partners, spouses, employees, or the newspapers before you’ve even had a chance to control the message.  We keep you out of the spotlight. 


We come discreetly to you, at your hotel, vacation rental or other location, unless  you prefer to come to our attorney’s offices downtown.  Keep prying eyes, paparazzi, competitors and others from speculating about your activities.





We are your conduit to top professionals from nearly any legal discipline or focus.  Attorneys, former local prosecutors and elected officials, consuls, private detectives, notaries and documents experts.  We pride ourselves on our local history and connections.



We handle these transactions often, and have simplified the process to reduce cost and improve efficiency.  What you may have thought would be  a complicated process may in fact be a simple package with us, at predictable and affordable cost.



Repetition and volume brings predictable pricing by economies of scale.  Our professionals have performed many of these tasks hundreds of times.  Many of our legal services are price listed for easy estimate of total costs involved, without open-ended retainers.



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