Posted by: jonathanwarren | March 4, 2011

US-Based Customer Billing for Non-US Business Owners

Non-US residents often establish businesses based in the USA. 

This is often done for reasons of taxes, access to banking, security and reliability of services, diversification of holdings and to make a good impression on global customers.

One issue for smaller businesses of this kind is establishing merchant accounts and online billing and accounting.  At, we believe we have solved the dilemma for most circumstances.

The procedure:

  1. Incorporate in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
    • Less taxes for foreign nationals than any other state
    • Meeting place of thousands of companies all year round
    • Incorporation can be done online, immediately, at very low cost
    • No residency requirement of owners or officers
    • Local banking available by signature of principal, or nominee (attorney)
  2. Establish web-based billing services with credit card capabilities using Paypal and Google Checkout
    • No credit required
    • Secure login to billing and bookkeeping system using Freshbooks
    • Online invoicing and regular mailing of invoices from the USA
    • All major credit cards will be accepted by your firm
    • Easy integration with your existing website(s), or we can help you establish a new one

Using the system, you can bill customers anywhere in the world, from your US company, no matter where in the world you are.  It is a complete remote-control system.  Funds go to the US bank account of your Nevada corporation under your complete control, and can be transferred as you instruct.

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