Posted by: jonathanwarren | June 22, 2010

Consular Chamber launches “#Notarize” free referrals for notaries via

The Legal Attaché of the Consular Chamber of Commerce has launched “#notarize”, providing free mobile notary referrals via twitter, anywhere in the world.

The system is simple.  Notaries public in any country need only to follow  Potential customers who are seeking a local notary or mobile notary in their area can simply tweet “#notarize” and their telephone country code and area code.  Participating notaries simply search “#notarize” at in order to find requests for notarizations in their area.

Follow Notarize on Twitter


  1. Hi I’m interested in this. I am unsure how to tweet this site. I am a twitter member. Please assist.

    • No problem! You won’t believe how easy it is. This service was started today, and already has 500 followers.

      1. Log in to your twitter account;
      2. Go to, and click ‘follow’
      3. Send out a tweet of your own which just says “#notarize I am a notary in (your zip code)”.
      4. From your Twitter account, search “#notarize” Whenever you have time for a client.

      Clients will be tweeting “#notarize (zip code)”.

      When you see one near enough to you, you can reply to them by beginning your tweet like this:
      @(client screen name) I can help you. Click to follow them, and you will likely have be able to go to direct messaging.

      Our objective is to get anyone needing a notary to simply tweet their zip code with “#notarize” in the tweet. Then you can grab any in your area whenever you are free.

      Spread the word!

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